MCViNE: Monte Carlo Virtual Neutron Experiments

MCViNE is a versatile Monte Carlo neutron ray-tracing program that provides researchers with tools for performing computer modeling and simulations that mirror real neutron scattering experiments.



Current and past developers include Jiao Lin, Li Li, Alta Fang, Ian Lumsden, Pete Peterson, Alex Dementsov.


Hillary Smith, Doug Abernathy, Adam Aczel, Yien Yiu, Gabriele Sala, Souleymane Diallo, Jon Leiner, Dennis Kim, Mark Lumsden, Barry Winn.


Garrett Granroth and Brent Fultz


For more details of the MCViNE architecture and the involved techniques, please refer to MCViNE - An object oriented Monte Carlo neutron ray tracing simulation package.


The development of the MCViNE software was begun at Caltech under the DANSE project supported by the NSF award DMR-0520547. Continuing development and research on applications of MCViNE have been supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Basic Energy Sciences, the Scientific User Facilities Division.